What is Peace?

Writer : Rev. Tarlochan Singh Dhillon, Ontario, Canada

Rev. Tarlochan Singh Dhillon
Rev. Tarlochan Singh Dhillon

What is Peace...here's my thoughts,

War comes when there is external fear,
when there is an external enemy.
War comes when we think we are different from others and others views are inferior and need changing by us,
War comes when we think we are superior to others and know better and more than others,
War comes when our perception of God belongs only to a particular group,
a particular nation, or a particular civilization.
War comes when "our" civilization is greater than others.

Who are we and where have we arrived after a few seconds in space,
What have we learnt that makes us so deficient in the matters that create inner peace,....and yet we have an abundance of so called "religions".

So long upon this planet and we've created a mess, a disaster,
and yet we think we know it all.

My motto is know the creator whilst you have time,
know the creator whilst you are in your prime.

We are more than flesh and blood,
We are Spirit,
Yet this fact we seem to have forgotten.
We need a divine Master to constantly remind us,
To give us spiritual birth.

Such a divine person needs to be sought out,
He gives to those who want to know a divine secret which is the key to everlasting Peace.

My life and the life of millions of persons has been changed by such a One upon this earth,
No new religion is created,
No new ideas are created,
Just a refreshment of the Divine Truths
Given by all Spiritual Masters.

Search for such a one who has always existed,,
Speak and spread the message of such a One,
The message is eternal,
The message is Universal and for all.

Man know thyself
is the eternal Message,
Why have'nt we listened , why havent we heeded this message.

An abundance of intellectualism,
an abundance of religions,
and yet no peace...Instead we have pieces all over the place.

So many other things can be said,
Who wants to listen,
Who wants to take it further,
The answer and guidance has always been given to us,
but we heed it not.

Is it not said "You have eyes but you do not see",
"You have ears but you do not hear"

The answer my friends is seek and ye shall find,
Knock and it shall be given unto you.

I wish love, peace, joy and inner knowing for everyone,
But my choice is up to me,
What others do is a matter for them.

Why did Christ speak in parables and riddles,
Why so few peple who listened,

What on earth is the matter with us?

If we earnestly seek peace why don't we get it?
We are not earnest about the true treasure,
We gather up the treasures which rust and deteriorates,
and leave a mess upon the Planet , upon our bodies,
in people's hearts and we think we've reached the epic of civilization.

The above are thoughts for us all to consider.
They have been given to me by a Divine Master who is at present upon the earth,
His message is eternal.Seek, Enquire, Uplift, and if peace is earnestly desired there is absolutely no reason why it shall not be give to us on an individual choice basis.

I leave all of you, my wonderful friends, with the above thoughts,

With respect to my human family who seem to have forgotten their divine origin,

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    Tarlochan Singh Dhillon (Sunday, 27 November 2011 12:17)

    Thank you so much for sharing my views on Peace.
    I am grateful for all the kind comments.

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    gurjap singh (Sunday, 30 October 2011 13:53)

    aapka article insaan ko sochne par majboor karta hai ki shanti (peace) aakhir haasil kaise hogi. Very good job done.

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    rahul, delhi (Sunday, 30 October 2011 13:51)

    very good website