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(English Spiritual Article)


Writer : Rev. Tarlochan Dhillon


Increase the faith, Develope the faith and maintain the link of the soul with the Universal Creator which is all around us. Having immersed ourselves fully in materiality we are completely immersed in this delusionary world and yet we find that this is not the satisfaction and bliss which our soul requires and needs. It is the neglect of the needs and requirements of the soul being ignored which ha...s put the world in such a perilous position. Having been given too much free choice we have driven ourselves away from the Universal Creator and find that we are alone living on dreams and illusions. The separated soul needs to focus upon the Supreme Creator. Without gratefulness there can be no inner peace. Without respect and the inner development of humanity there can be no upliftment of the human condition. The human condition requires much more than just material necessities or allurements for gratification. It requires an inner sense of purpose and a drive for both inner and external peace and respect, love , harmony, and a development of the spiritual link which in essence exists within humanity but which has been sidestepped for material attachments and allurements. This is possible by searching for and requesting a meeting with Saints who know the Creator and can help us maintain a balanced life which is both blissful and blessed. The need of the hour is for a Saviour. The Saviour can bring about the necessary link. Thereafter it depends upon individuality and free choice. This has happened previously, is happening know and shall happen in the future. The name of the Knower is Satguru. Pray for the inner link and guidance to achieve the soul's purpose in the completion of the human journey. Thank the messengers and Saints for putting us through the present awareness and quickening changes which is so necessary for the soul. Pray for all and think of all. We are all One and need to maintain this Oneness.


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