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Self realization through God realization

English Spiritual Article by Rev. Surinder Kathuria Ji

Few days back, I read the article “Universal Brotherhood – Through God Realization” in a Spiritual Magazine. On going through it, I found how beautifully and effectively the writer has come up with the problem and then the solution. To summarize, the saint pegs the cause the problem of our suffering as the pluralization of God by us humans ourselves. Agreeing with her point of view wholeheartedly, I would like to take the discussion a step further. I feel that one of the root causes of the problem with us is our tendency to ascertain ourselves as physical bodies whereas we are only and only soul. It is unfortunate that we are always physically conscious and hardly ever try to be soul conscious. It is because we treat ourselves a physical body, we also assume that our Father must also be in physical shape and we form His image like this. Almighty God, Father is actually in Niraakar i.e. formless. To assume Niraakar in physical shape is the main problem and from here the God pluralization starts.


When we say we are “self-confident” or “self-conscious”, then we must know the “self” before becoming so. We must have the knowledge of this self; and to know self, we must first be aware of our father Niraakar, Formless One who is always in peace and bliss. In fact, there is no need for us to beg for peace because we are children of God who is Ocean of peace and bliss. It is when we disconnect ourselves with this Almighty Source, than the problem arises. In order to ensure that this connection remains alive at all times, there is always a need for Saakar, Satguru. God Almighty is aware that we the simple-minded folk find it difficult to worship Him in the Niraakar form and it is to make it easy for us to worship that He takes physical form in every era.


Whenever we feel ourselves as a physical body, there is always a constant demand to nourish its needs. But an enlightened person, who is as complete as the ocean itself, never gets distracted from her actual purpose of life. It is like many small rivers which continue its journey to join One form of water the Ocean, but any effect is hardly ever seen on the water mass itself.


It is further believed that bliss is God’s creation and sorrows are the creation of man who treats himself as a physical being. For those of us who worry about a low self-esteem must be aware that the question of such a thing arises only because we depend on our body whereas attachment with God through our soul is the only solution for a living with high self-esteem.