Wealth of Contentment (संतोष धन)

Writer : Rev. Sameer Rokadia Ji

Saints once upon a time a wood cutter named Ranka was staying in a small village along with his religious and duty bound wife named Banka.
By Religious and Duty Bound, I mean a wife who is enlightened with the divine knowledge and who lives a pious life and who always ensures that her husband also lives a similar life. In case the husband is also enlightened and living a pious life that the truly religious wife will always co-operate and adjust with his way of life.
Ranka and Banka would always get up early in the morning, and proceed to the woods to cut and collect the firewood which they would bring back to the village, sell and buy the grains and vegetables for the day. After going home they would happily cook and eat and also do selfless service by serving some other guests. They had no worries and would never think of collecting or saving something for the next day. They would then spend rest of the evening praying to God and attending the religious congregations. 
Once upon a time, a Messenger of God, a saint prayed to God the Nirankar and urged Nirankar to give some wealth to the family so that they would not have to go the woods daily and do hard work to earn their living and instead they can spend their full day in religious congregation and self less service. The God, the Nirankar explained to the saint that Ranka and Banka would never accept anything which does not belong to them, still on insistence of the saint, the God agreed.
Next day when Ranka and Banka went to the woods to collect the fire wood, God left one large bundle of sandalwood near them, Both Ranka and Banka saw the bundle of wood and still did not take the same as it did not belong to them and they left the place with the wood they had collected.
The Saint thought that they would not have seen the bundle or would not have realized that it was bundle of sandalwood and hence Ranka and Banka would not have taken it. So the saint urged God to still lure them with some price less jewels. Thus the God laid some precious stones and studded necklace on the path from which Ranka and Banka would go back home carrying their fire wood.
On way back home, Ranka was in the front and his wife Banka was walking behind him. Ranka noticed these diamonds and necklace on the floor. Ranka was not lured still he thought that his wife Banka being a woman would definitely be lured and may insist on him that he should take these jewels. so while walking Ranka tried to throw some mud with his feet so as to cover these jewels.
Saints seeing this act, his wife immediately told him from behind " Ranka ji why are you throwing mud over the mud?". Banka then explained to her husband that both of them had received divine knowledge from their satguru and they never worried on what they would eat the next day as they were 100% confident that their God would always give them enough so as to feed themselves, and feed their fellow saints and guests and do self less service of others and their life was contended and thus although the jewels were made of precious stone and diamonds it was worthless to them.
Saints this is Contentment and thus it is always said.
When we receive the Wealth known as Contentment, all other wealths are worthless.

जब आवै संतोष धन सब धन धूलि सामान

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