Rev. Samir Rokadia Ji


(Matter Collected by Samir Rokadia)

A true Devotee (a Gursikh) understands the fact that, just by obtaining a Divine Knowledge from the True Master, the journey of his soul would end and his soul would get the freedom from this vicious cycle of birth and death. A true devotee infact preaches the principles of this great deivine knowledge, the eternal truth in his daily routine life. A true devotee or a gursikh knows the fact that his soul can only get the freedom once he bruns all his karma's which means that all his deeds which he does are without an expectation of the result, he believes in the fact that he just has to work based on principles of this great divine knowledge leaving the result to his true master, he is satisfied and happy with the end result.

Such a devotee always wishes for well being of other saints even when such saints or humans do the deed which are actually harming this devotee. He never develops the feeling of enemity with such persons. A true devotee or a Gursikh knows that this Nirankar is always watching his own deeds and thus he never does a wrong deed even in his thoughts and dreams which can harm others.

A true devotee in fact has a such a solid faith on this Nirankar, his True Master that even all evils combined together cannot harm him. Such a devotee always wishes for the wel being of all human race, their feelings are not restricted to Nirankari's only or not restricted to persons who know this great divine knowledge. He does not restrict his good deeds only to such person in fact his deeds are same for entire human race, he works selflessly without a motive for spreading this message to entire human race.

A true Devotee or Gursikh infact leads a life such that no human being can even have an opportunity to point a finger at such a person stating his wrong deeds.