Loving Devotion (Prema Bhakti)

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Uploaded on 30th September, 2011

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Rev. Neeta Chandani Ji
Rev. Neeta Chandani Ji

If we wear red glasses all the things appear red. Similarly, if we wear the glasses of love all will appear loveable and good, no matter who is poor and who is rich, who is good and who is bad. We get what we search for; we see what our eyes crave for.

Love is like a Bhanvara (black bee) who loses its life in the lap of a flower out of its mad love for its essence is one-sided love but, the love between the devotee and the True Master is mutual. The chain of love binds the devotee to the Formless God. A person with love knows no hatred, malice or jealousy. He sacrifices his comforts, conveniences and desires and finds total satisfaction in his unbounded and unconditional love for the True Master. Love is complete surrender of one’s sentiments and emotions, complete surrender of the self to the True Master.

Where there is love; there is no hatred. If we focus on selfless deeds and follow the path of truth, we feel Divine Bliss. Bhakti (Devotion) consists in God – Realization and should be without any motive. After knowing the Formless God (i.e. after attaining Divine Knowledge); doing our deeds according to our True Master is Devotion. It can be achieved only with the blessing of True Master.

Devotion is surrender (samarpan). It means SAM+ARPAN = SAMARPAN.  SAM means before and ARPAN means offering. We devote when we flow with Divine love. We shower when we are deconditioned. Devotion is the pure state of Surrender that is Divine Nectar when Divine Nectar flows, everywhere happiness blooms. When we follow the path of truth that is the state of real happiness and bliss. Devotion is the only path for reaching the Divine destination. Devotion is the only panacea for all the ills of this world.

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