Rev. Gurpreet Singh 'Preet'

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(Matter collected by Gurpreet singh 'Preet')

Today love is vanishing form the human heart but those people who
imbibe love, they are closer to God. All the saints, teach the man a
lesson of love that we all are member of one human family, we are
human being and we must respect all the human being. A better world can be created when human beings become better. Whether a Director, a Manager or simple employees, all must remember that they are humans and members of one human family.
1. If you Judge People, you will have no time to love them.
2. If you Judge people by their caste, religion profession
status and so on, you will certainly fail to love
3. Suppose you love a person for his riches. It means you are in love
with wealth and not the person.
4. Love knows no conditions.
5. Love is a tool that makes it easier to achieve the target.
6. Loving people means loving God.
7. Love is God, god is one.