The Two Goats

English Short Story for Kids

One day, a black goat and a brown goat met in the middle of a bridge over a stream. The bridge was very narrow and only one of them could cross it at a  time. The black goat snarled at the brown goat, "Get out of my way, let me go first."


Then, the brown goat snarled back, "You move back or else I will throw you into the stream."


They threatened each other for some time. Then they charged each other furiously. So both of them lost their balance and fell into the stream. Both of them were drowned.

The poor goats did not know that anger leads to sorrow. 


Another time two other goats met on the bridge in the same way. They were quite sensible. One of them sat down and allowed the other goat to step over her body and go ahead. Then, she stood up and went on her own way. 


Thus, both of them crossed the bridge safely. 

The two clever goats knew that peace leads to joy.

Moral of story : Peace leads to joy.