The Monkey's Justice

English Short Story for Kids


One day, two cats saw a piece of bread. One of them rushed quickly and picked it up. Another one tried to snatch it from her.


The first cat said, "It is my piece of bread. I was the first one to pick it up."

The other cat said, "but I saw it first and so it is mine." While they were arguing, a monkey was passing by. The cats requested him to act as judge and settle their quarrel.


The monkey agreed and took the piece of bread from them. He made two equal parts of the bread.

Then, he shook his head and said, "These two parts are not equal. One is bigger than the other." So, he ate a bit of the bigger part. But again the parts were not equal. And he again took a bite from the bigger part again.


This went on till only two small bits of bread were left. Finally he said, "How can I give you such small bits? I should eat them myself." Saying so, he ate those small bit as well and went away.


The poor cats now understood that a third person always gains when two people quarrel.


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