The Magical Shoes


It was king lion's birthday. He had invited all the animals.

They were carrying beautiful gifts for the lion.


At the den, all the animals were present, but the fox was absent. The wolf, who was an enemy of fox, got a chance to get the fox into trouble.

The wolf said, "Your Majesty! The fox has not come to wish you. This is a great insult."


At the same time, the fox reached there. He had heard the wolf's talk.

The clever fox thought for a second and said, ""Your Majesty! I had gone to get the magical shoes for you. That will keep you young forever. That is why I got late. But unfortunately I couldn't get them."


"Why?" the lion asked.

"Because there was no wolf skin to make it."


The wolf heard this and ran away from the den to save his life.

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