Rev. Vinay Joshi Ji

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Greatly touched. Too good, thanks a lot for these beautiful words, actually it feels like u have given words to our feelings.

Dr. Swati


Thanks... My marriage is fixed and m so happy to got this poem.. If you have more Poems like this pls mail it to me

                                                                                                                                                                   Vaishali Bhatnagar

such a nice poem thanks for sharing this poem with us

Sarita Sarki

Bahut achhi kavita hai.

Farooq Hasan, Gonda, UP


Nice Poem, thanks to vinay ji for sharing such a beautiful poem.

Ravi Bhambha, Abu Dhabi


Bahut accha laga ki aapki website par beti par bhi kavita hai.

Raghav, Rajinder Nagar, Delhi