Mahapurushas are always thankful to God

A father brings a toy for his child. The child gets so engrossed with the toy that he ignores even his father. In the same manner, man has become engrossed in the gifts that the Almighty has showered upon him. As a result man has been coming and going in the cycle of birth and death and is extremely unhappy. Mahapurushas are always thankful to God and consider Him to be more significant than His gifts. Just like a painter can make thousands of paintings but all those paintings even if put together, cannot create one painter. All these gifts are the creations of the Almighty. Let me value the same, but I may never consider them to be more important than God. This is what a saint always prays for.

Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji
Book : Gurudev Hardev, Part 2, (page 161 of pdf file on nirankari website.)

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