Rev. Sunil Mehta JI
Rev. Sunil Mehta JI



Singer & Lyricist : Rev. Sunil Mehta Ji


City : Wolverhampton, United Kingdom


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English Song : I WILL REMEMBER

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I’ll Remember - Madonna Cover


Say goodbye, to not knowing when, the truth in my whole life began,

Say goodbye, to not knowing how, to cry, you taught me that,




I’ll remember, the strength that you gave me

Now that I’m standing on my own

I’ll remember, the way that you saved me,

I’ll remember


Inside I was a child that could not mend a broken wing

Outside I’d look for a way to teach my heart to sing



I learned to let go of the illusion we can possess

I learned to let go I travelled in stillness

I remember, happiness


I’ll remember




Now I’ll never be afraid to cry

Now I’ve finally seen the reason why

I’ll remember

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