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Spiritualism versus Age

Writer : Rev. Samresh Kumar, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


Today’s human being is intelligent more than enough. He has divided each and every task in accordance to his age. As far as the age of admission for primary school education, Degree, Job, Marriage, Travel, clothing and appropriate food during various seasons of life is concerned, it is alright to divide every task and consumption according to one’s age but the age which has been decided by the human beings for spiritualism is a matter of worry.

Once a old man asked me, “You often attend congregation and you have good contact with saints. Please answer a question of mine that why the words in all of holy books are printed larger and bolder?”

Expressing my wish of hearing the answer of the said question from him, I said, “Uncle, I am very young in this matter. I shall be obliged if you throw light on this serious question.”

He smiled and said, “It is not such a serious question. Actually the bolder larger printed words in all of the Holy Scriptures indicate that it is for the old aged people to read because at that stage of life, vision remains no more sharp.”

I was just thinking something when he proceeded with his words, “I just want to explain that the correct age of spiritualism is only after 60. Your age is to enjoy and to make merry, not to sink yourself in the ocean of spiritualism as old age is the right time for it.”

While Uncle was telling all this to me, his grand-daughter arrived whose age was around 8 years. She was wearing hard vision glasses.

Indicating towards her I asked, “Uncle you were telling that human eyes become weak only when he grow old, so what is the cause of your granddaughter using vision glasses.

Uncle was abashed upon my question. Picking his wooden shaft up, he said, “Whatever I wanted to advice you, I am done with it. Now I don’t want to indulge into unnecessary arguments.”

Before I could say anything, he quickly moved away along with his granddaughter.

But my mind was flooding with ocean of thoughts about the cause of human omission.

Alike all other worldly tasks, today’s man has taken spiritualism merely as a task so just like other works, he has decided age and time for it whereas spiritualism is not a task to do but it is a part of life without which humanity is meaningless.

Why today’s man doesn’t understand that the comfort and contentment for which he is running around, is achievable only after sinking self into the ocean of spiritualism.

Kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab

Pal bhar me parlay hoyegi, bahuri karega kab”

(Whatever to be done tomorrow, do it today. And today’s task to be done now with immediate effect. Any unwanted problem can arise any point of time, so when would you do the pending task)

It is hard to say why today’s man doesn’t realize that as a cracked pitcher’s water keeps on leaking, same way breathe (water) keeps on oozing out of the body (pitcher). Before the chain of breathe comes to an end, it is better to establish our relation with the concept of spiritualism.

Isse pehle ki ho jaye andhera, charo or ho timir andhera,

Gyan amolak paakar ik dooje ka satkar kare,

Diya hai jisne janam amolak, aao uska ham deedar kare”

(Before the darkness covers all the four corners,

Attain God knowledge to respect each other,

Have a glimpse of one who has bestowed the precious life”

A most important fact, universal brotherhood which is being dreamed today, is possible only after following the track of spiritualism.

So let us step forward to connect ourselves with the spirituality and also encourage others to do so.


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