Search of a True Companion

Writer : Rev. Samresh Kumar, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


Everyone remains in a search of a true companion since childhood. A companion who accompanies us in every situation like comfort or distress. A companion who saves us from troubles and keeps us aware of right and wrong facts. A companion who is everlasting and amiable.

A child in cradle gets his companions in the form of his parents, Grandfather-mother, elder brothers-sisters and relatives. As he grows old, he feels the need of a companion of his own age. A large of number of friends are found during primary school, high school, college days but a day comes that many of them disappears in the fog of time. Now a day, after a regular interval of time, new friends are made and old ones are separated.

Search of everlasting companion continuous. Sometimes man is accompanied by wrong company while searching for a true friend which becomes the cause of his decline. One who tastes boiling milk by mistake, consumes cold drinks with circumspection. Same way, one who is betrayed by wrong company, doesn’t like even a true friend. He feels weak, destitute and loneliness. The concept of inferiority emerges in his mind and finally a day comes when his life comes to an end in depression.

Actually in this fast life, where man has no time to respire, it is difficult to find a true friend but not impossible.

Not impossible! I can ask so because I am blessed with such a friend, a fellow traveler who doesn’t spare me for even a second. He remains around me every time. He guides me of every right and wrong fact and always keeps me away from every kind of trouble.

An interesting fact which I want to share, my companion has no physical appearance. He is without body.

You might be thinking, “What kind of companion is He who has no body”.

I have the answer of this question. We have recited a number of times in childhood in school:

Twamaiv mata ch pita twamaiv, twamaiv bandhu ch sakha twamaiv”

I think you might have come to know who is being discussed here. Yes, you are right. I am talking about everlasting, indestructible God who plays every kind of role for us. No one can play a better role than God whether parents, brothers-sisters or any friend.

Friends having physical body have a limitation, beyond which they can’t help. But this companion without body has no limitations at all:

Bin pag chale sune bin kana

Kar binu kare karam vidhi nana

Anand rahit sakal rass bhogi

Bin vani vakta bar jogi”


He is such a companion who doesn’t require a narration of anything or need. He fulfils our requirements without utterance. He watches, listens and understands us all the time. Even when we were in womb, he provided us with all the requirements like a true companion. After birth we forgot Him but He never forget us. He took our care all the time.

Those Saints are felicitous, whose company made the conditions favorable for me to meet Satguru, who has bestowed me with the great and strange companion. Otherwise I would not have been able to thank God.

Doesn’t matter how much and how long I thank God, it is less because no doubt He is strange but also supernatural. He is taking care of me by meeting all my requirements while I am alive. Even after my death He would place me in his immense heart. Now my prayer is:

Ae dost teri dosti me hi beete meri sari zindagi,

Tamanna hai meri har sans ki ta umra karta rahu teri bandgi”


Those are felicitous who have got This Companion (God). But those who are still searching for this supernatural companion, I request them to come in protection of Lord Master without wastage of time. Their search would come to an end and they too would experience the bliss of God.