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Life without spiritualism

Writer : Rev. Samresh Kumar, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


If a bird is imagined without feathers, just think that how its image would appear as? If Sun is imagined without light, think how Sun would appear and imagination of a river without water would appear nothing more than a moast.

As bird without feathers, Sun without light and river without water are incomplete, same way life is incomplete without spiritualism. It would be absolutely correct if a non-spiritual person is termed as a living dead body.

I have too lived a life of a non spiritual person and for the last five years I am immersed in the ocean of spiritualism. I feel the difference between my both life experience just as a gap between earth and sky. Before attaining God knowledge, I was not aware at all that what spiritualism means in real sense.

My grandfather used to recite the verses of Holy Geeta every Tuesday and Saturday morning in veranda after taking bath. My father too used to study Geeta occasionally and guided me to do so. I thought that practicing this process is called spiritualism, but I was scared of seeing such big Holy Scriptures. It gave me a feeling of being bored. I used to think if there is any other way apart from such process.

In my childhood, while going to school I used to see words written as, “God is one”. But whomsoever I met, no one was able to tell about that ‘One’. Wherever I went, I found more than one Demi-God. I was eager to know if God is multiple in numbers so why people say that ‘God is one’. My school prayer contained few words as:

Tu hi Ram hai tu hi Rahim hai,

Har desh me tu har bhesh me tu, tera naam anek tu ek hi hai”


I wanted to know about this ‘Tu’ that after all who is this ‘Tu’ which is known as Ram as well as Rahim. And which is called as ‘One’ in spite of having multiple forms.

Time passed slowly and steadily. Due to blessings of Lord Master I attained God knowledge. That’s how I came to know ‘Tu’ about whom I was eager to know since childhood. I am thankful to the present Lord Master who has saved me from worldly pomp. After attaining God knowledge, I am dipped into the ocean of spiritualism and experiencing the bliss of God.

If anyone reads Holy Scriptures and says that he is leading a spiritual life, then it would not be correct. Until and unless one attains God knowledge, feels it around, looks it vastness, accepts God will, sees God’s image in everyone, He is many miles away from spiritualism in spite of studying Holy Scriptures and uttering name of God. One who is aware of God, definition of God can be described by him only and God knowledge is possible only through Lord Master.

Spiritualism is such ocean, if dipped in it, makes one sanctified just as a innocent child, who has just taken birth. Everyone seems as ours own. The concept of ruse and treachery comes to an end and such thought always prevails in mind that “I may not perform any such act which is against or harmful for some or the other person. Such person always pray for the goodness of everyone.

Let us dive in the ocean of spiritualism and lead our lives after knowing the concept of ‘One’ (God).



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