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A roof of love and co-operation

Writer : Rev. Samresh Kumar, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand


Aaj nafrat me kul jahan jal raha

Aag nafrat ki dilo se bujha dijiye

Mohabbat andhero me gum ho gayi

Diye ulfat ke ghar ghar jala dijiye”


(Whole of the world is being burnt due to hatredness

Extinguish it out of the heart

Affection is lost somewhere in the darkness

Light the lamp of love in each and every house)


There is violence, dacoity, communal riots everywhere today. Everybody likes peace and comfort. But how to establish peace and comfort, whole world is serious about it.

Today the world requires a roof, under which people of all religion and community can live with affection, co-operation and brotherhood. A roof, everyone can relate whose shadow to themselves, where nobody carries grievances of other’s food and clothing. A roof where hatredness doesn’t prevails at all.

Is it possible for such roof to exist in this age? This is a matter of seriousness. Let us discuss about it.

There is a necessary fact required for existence of everyone under one roof, that is ‘a common thought’. Another fact is also true that until and unless everyone’s ‘God’ becomes common, it is impossible for the thoughts of different people to become common.

Actually ‘God’ is one but it is our mistake if we do not agree. That is why Lord Master said, “Brahm ki prapti, bhram ki samapti” (God knowledge wipes out all the misgivings)

After attaining God Knowledge, we come to know that the supreme power which is devoted by everyone with different names as God or Akalpurkh, is a form of one formless God. Whenever God felt the need, in order to indicate the right path to human beings, created his form. But it is a misfortune of human beings that we have always failed to recognize him.

Jab aaye to baat na mani, mare to pichhe chalte hai,

Kahe Avtar jagat me murakh aaj bhi mann ki karte hai”

(Whenever True Master takes birth, many do not follow Him but after death all of them repent. Avtar says the concept of conceit is still followed by foolish people)

Let us not make any mistake. In order to indicate the right path to those who lost track, Nirankar has incarnated in the form of True Master today. True Master is disseminating only one message to every corner of the world “Know one, Believe in one, Be one”.

Today Lord Master is connecting everyone to the formless God, in respect to whom Holy Scriptures say, “Presence of Nirankar is there in everywhere in a common form”.

Hari vyapak sarvatra samana, prem se prakat hohi me jana”


Hamme tumme khadag-khambh me pag pag vyapat Ram”

Here ‘Hari’ or ‘Ram’ refers to ‘Nirankar’ whose knowledge makes us aware of:

Pehla sabak hai kitab-e-hida ka, ki makhlook sari hai kunba khuda ka”

That is why everyone seems as our own and thus the feeling of commonness establishes in our heart. In this way concept of hatredness, arrogance, caste and creed comes to an end in our heart and we become capable of living under one roof with affection and co-operation.

So let us accept one roof of unity after attaining God knowledge.


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