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Uploaded on 8th September, 2012

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Spiritual Editorial

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar 'Sewak' Ji

English translation by Rev. Sandeep Ji, Mohali (PB)

Recently a person’s behaviour made me disappointed. Not only me but my colleagues too found it quite offensive. Nirankari Baba’s speech that we are a realised soul, was roaming around in my mind. Baba Ji meant that the realised souls should keep a check on their behaviour.


With whomsoever I discussed about his behaviour, said “His behaviour was profound wrong so you could have answered suitably to him as he also had misbehaved 10 or 15 years ago with you. ”


Even I remembered at once that the person had really misbehaved with me a long back which I had almost forgotten. I should have answered him in the same way he did, I thought. Now I forgot the Baba Ji’s speech about a realised soul and agreed with others’ thought of ‘tit for tat’.


Next day I planned to treat him as per my wish. I had chalked out the whole plan that in case he replies in a particular way, what would be my further course of action. I had planned to give up every kind of relation\connection with him for the whole life. In other words, I had weaved a net on how to engage in a scuffle with him.


Almost a week has been passed to this incident. Even after a thorough planning, I have not been able to scuffle with him. Plannings have falied as there were many tasks for me to do which were more important than intensifying that issue. As the time passed that issue skipped from my mind as my memory is poor enough to remember such kind of issues.


Motive of mine to narrate the above incident is, may be you have had gone through such state of mind. Some or the other time you might had faced a similar situation. The concepts of love and hatredness are not new to the world. How to act in such circumstances? Mahatma Gandhi said one should not delay in doing the good work and the bad works should be postponed consistently.


There is one more referrrence to the context. One of the ministers in Abraham Lincoln government (USA) once flayed another person in front of Lincoln. Lincoln asked him to write everythink he thought about that person and mail it across to him. The minister obeyed and started writing but as soon as he was over with his writing, Lincoln asked him to go through the letter once again. But till then the mentality of the minister had changed. All the hatredness had stepped down on the letter. Lincoln read it and asked if the letter should be sent? Minister replied, “As you wish.” Lincon finally asked as now the hatredness in your mind has come out so its better to throw this letter into the dustbin.


When the wall of berlin was razed to the ground, someone wrote there that the world is too small for walls to be constructed.


Every wall which leads separation, begins with hatredness.


Nirankari Baba says “A life is not sufficient for love, how come the people find time to hate”.


People oftenly talk about love and affection but when the time comes they pick hatredness because our ego pull us to towards that path. Under such circustances, we have only two options left with us. Either  to behave like a realised soul or agreeing to the other people and create ruckus. That minister’s behaviour turned better because he was sitting in the company of a great person, Abraham Lincoln. A person should adopt the company of great souls because it will help us choosing the right path.


Question is what we choose? A spiritual\peaceful way or violence, enemity or love. It is our decretion to choose and the results are based on our picked options.


There are possibilities that one may not get love in return. A flower, if thrown in mud, would appear to be of no use but even then it would remain a flower only, not a mud. So in case one does not receive love and respect in return, his mind will relax that he is following the words of lord master. He is entitled to have blessings of God. Such relaxation is a lakh times better than the tension created by hatredness.

Saints, Gurus and other divine souls are still alive in the minds of the people because their path was right. They were prudent that’s why ignoring the world, they behaved like a realized soul throughout their lives.

We face carfax oftenly in our lives. Then we think which way to follow? Full chances are there for one to be totally confused. The concept of prudence is utilized at that point of time.

Just follow the right track with confidence and act like a realized soul to achieve satisfaction. In this way, the success is for sure for life. 


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