When I tried to search a wicked person

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Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji
Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji
Saint Kabeer said,
Bura jo dekhan mai chala, bura na mileya koi
Jo mann khoja aapna, Mujhse bura na koi”
(When I tried to search a wicked person, I was unable to do so
The moment I searched inner self, I found no one bad as me )
In the above verse, searching a wicked person and searching inner self, what does it mean? Kabeer’s idea is in regards to self counseling. Saints and intellectual people have always favored the concept of self counseling. One can’t look out the world before looking one self. It is through self counseling that man can move ahead continuously towards grandness. But why this concept is required?

Some things happens of their own or automatically whereas some things requires efforts to happen. The things or facts, we are habitual to, takes place automatically and doesn’t requires efforts. These things can be positive and negative as well. We can take a good example of respiration. It is a mandatory requirement for our lives and it doesn’t need any efforts. In the same manner, eyes are winked automatically and don’t require efforts. These are the natural and mandatory activities of life.

There are some activities which are neither natural nor required and they too don’t require any effort. For example, some people are habitual of using abusive language. If they talk something good, even then abusive words are uttered by them which they are not aware of. They use such negative language with innocence but others notice and feel their words or act. Such negative tendency is not favorable for others. These arise automatically and become a part of our behavior. But it needs effort in order to get rid of these habits. Some tendencies are not included in our attitude but on becoming a part of our daily routine, gets included in our habit. For example, some people start morning walk and becomes habitual of it. Before making any thing as our habit, we need to do that activity for few days. In this way, morning walk, exercise, devotion to God etc becomes a part of life and then they don’t require efforts to be done. One behavior or attitude is formed; it becomes difficult to get rid of. As a behavior grows old, it’s base goes deeper and deeper.

A positive habit doesn’t require a change, but negative tendencies do. It is better to implement a change as soon as possible. If abusive words have been included in the behavior, then it would be easier to get rid of it during childhood. Otherwise its base would go deeper and deeper by the passage of time or age. In such situation, more and more resoluteness would be required to change the attitude. The power of resoluteness becomes slight as the person grows old.

This fact needs our attention that the tendencies which we consider harmful, if we are suffering from them? Human being often catches other’s shortcomings whereas neglects his own lackness. Other’s lackness harms less than our own shortfall. So one should keep face to face contact with the reality. If the tendency of self realization, self counseling and self inspection becomes a routine of our life, then it would become a part of our behavior slowly and steadily.

If this tendency becomes a part of life, it would make our life balanced. If balance is maintained, satisfaction would also be maintained. Maintenance of satisfaction leads to the generation of peace and peace makes easier to reach the level of bliss.

May be that is the reason for Saint Kabeer to inspire the people for self counseling.
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