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Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji
Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji

City : Delhi


E-mail : ramkumarsewak@maanavta.com

English Translation by Rev. Sandeep Ji of Mohali, Punjab

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Satisfaction and happiness glitters in blessing

English spiritual article

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji


What a strange coincidence that the first alphabet of Aadhyatmikta (spiritualism) and Aashirwad (blessing) starts with ‘Aa’. It proves that blessing has occupied an important place in Spiritualism.
It has often been seen that in houses, schools or any other place whenever children wish or touch feet of elders, elders utter words which are full of blessings. The words which are being used since ancient times like ‘ayushman bhav’ or ‘chiranjeev bhav’ etc are indicators of blessings. For females, words like ‘saubhagyavati bhav’ are used in form of blessings. These days the use of such Sanskrit words has diminished and words like ‘Jeete raho’ and ‘Khush raho’ has come into existence as a replacement to those ancient words. But the central idea is same.
Blessing someone or being blessed by somebody else is a matter of happiness and satisfaction. If someone is happy of you, only then his mouth would utter blessful words for you. On the other side, the person who is being blessed would also feel satisfied. It is a positive situation where happiness is prevailing both the sides.
Here it should be mentioned that blessing can also be expressed through silence. If you have done good to other and his heart felt your goodness but he didn’t found suitable words to express at that point of time. His eyes, facial expressions, smile etc drives the blessing out to us. Here words are not uttered but inspite of silence, we should be satisfied upon his body language. Blessing is a state of sentiments, not words. We should keep in mind that neither everybody blesses other of his own nor everyone can gain blessing. In fact, capability is required for one to bless others or being blessed by someone else. By capability we mean, our account in form of blessing should have some balance. It means that if we have gained blessings by others in our life, only then we can be capable of blessing others. If we haven’t received blessings from others, then uttering good wishes for others would prove nothing more than blank words. In the same manner, one should keep the faith that the blessings of other person would surely raise our fortune. When such mentality or situation appears both the sides, only then the positive results can be observed. Wherever blessing is expressed through words, there also a positive sense is hidden behind those words. This positiveness increases our confidence and assures us about the success. It should be kept in mind that if blessing has been uttered due to good and favorable deeds, then success is not too far away. The person achieves the goal easily.
Sometimes people ask about forcefully gain of blessing. It means that the person from whom blessing is being seeked, mind carries no respect or confidence on him. In fact, they don’t want to be blessed but want to fulfill their selfish motives. Often it has been seen that political leaders roam across the streets and publicize that they need blessings of the people. In fact they don’t need blessings but vote. We should be ever ready to perform such act which are helpful for us to gain blessing from others. In this way we can achieve the capability to bless others and can make the life blissful.
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