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Rev. Ram Kumar 'Sewak'  Ji
Rev. Ram Kumar 'Sewak' Ji

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji

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Need for wisdom in current age

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji, Delhi


A poet has written, “I often find turns exhibiting four lanes (chauraha) and I want to move across all of those lanes”. If we think about these lines, we find it impossible for one to walk simultaneously on all four roads.


It often happens to us as well that we wish to play a number of roles simultaneously at a time, we want to do everything but because of consternation and confusion we are unable to perform even a single task or role.


In such a situation, a person with wisdom, decides and set priorities for all the tasks which are yet to be performed. He decides that which work needs to be done first of all, which one secondly and so on. In this way he is able to complete his tasks successfully. Contrarily, a person with consternation keeps himself indulged in complexities. He want to do many jobs, works but not able to do so. Due to consternation and confusion he makes fruitless efforts and sometimes steps in the crime world. This step ruins his life. So in order to avoid the concept of failure, it is necessary for the human's wisdom to be kept awakened.


For example, a person is walking on a road. He finds a 500 rupees note on the road. In this situation, two types of opinions would be generated. One, the note to be placed in self’s pocket. Another, as the note belongs to someone else so let it reach at it’s owner hand. Here again two possibilities may occur. One, the owner while searching reaches the spot where the money is given back to him. Another possibility is that the owner never meets him. Under both these circumstances, the person will be considered as full of wisdom and intellectual. Personally I feel that if in case the owner does not meet, the money should be spent virtuously so it can reach in God’s service.


Every kind of people has been there in this world. ‘Swami Vivekananda’ and ‘Aadi Shankaracharya’ performed such matchless tasks in such a younger age that are still discussed among the people. Aadi Shankaracharya got only 32 years and Swami Vivekananda got just 39 years for life.


Aadi Shankaracharya studied Sanskrit Scriptures. He attained God knowledge due to the blessings of Master Shri Govind Muni and thus manifested the original form of spiritualism before people. Many sacred books have been written by him. He established four monasteries in all four directions thus presented the principle of non-duality. Non-duality reveals that God is one, not in numbers. This principle tries to enlighten the people who are entrapped in worthless traditions and also displays an original form of religion.


Swami Vivekananda, in a very young age, during a world religion convention in Chicago, announced, “today onwards flag of every religion should be written with words as no enmity but love, no war but peace, no struggle but coordination. He said, “if anyone thinks that his religion is superior and other religion are going to extinct, I take pity on him.


In his book named ‘Yuvko ke prati (For younsters)’, he wrote, “first of all aim and objective should be identified. In order to achieve the desired target one should draw the layout of the plan to work accordingly. Then the only task remains is to follow that plan. With extreme firmness and persistence, one need to step forward.


He often said “ utishthat jagrat, prapya vrannibodhata (wake up, keep on walking until you achieve your goal )”


Only a rational and intellectual person can draw a explicit plan (map) for a life (full of appropriate deeds).

Swami Vivekananda’s ex-name was Narendra Nath Dutta. He was son of Vishvanath Dutta, a famous lawyer of Calcutta. He identified his aim after coming in contact with Ramkrishna Paramhansa. Vivekananda’s name was bestowed by him (Paramhansa). Vivekananda’s intellectual writings fills the readers with enthusiasm and firmness.

Today we can pick up any day’s newspaper, we find it filled with atrocities, violence and corruption. Upon reading such painful incidents, our head bends down shamefully. Certain thoughts hit our mind that who is responsible for such a moral decline of human beings.

After contemplation, we find human is responsible for its own decline because the concept of intellectualism and rationalism in not awake in him.

How to make it awake, Goswami Tulsidass wrote in this regards:

Bin Satsang Vivek na hoi,

Ram kripa bin sulabh na soi.

It clearly tells that holy congregation (satsang) is required for every human being for intellectualness and rationalism.

Tension is there even in families. Everyone wants to drive the situation out according to him/her, everyone wants other to listen and follow him. Nobody wants to listen. This is the cause of discord amongst families. Contrary to it, in a holy congregation a person speaks at a time and rest of all listen. Because of the desire to listen, graph of tolerance and humbleness rises high and thus a person becomes able to analyze any problem in a better way. If a problem is analyzed effectively, resolution appears easier.

On the basis of it, we find that holy congregation should be a part of one’s daily routine just as food and other day to day activities.

If every human being assigns self a defined period of time for congregation, he would be developed as a descent personality and every other person coming in contact with him would feel happier in his company. In such a situation, the environment of his home and office would definitely bloom.

Social scriptorials are thinking and discussing about violent behavior of social people. The results where they arrive are near about the lack of tolerance and rationalism. Not only males but females are equally responsible for such decline. The broken families are not results of one sided mistakes.


In this age of multinational companies and increasing importance of wealth (money), people are feeling the need of positive elements of comprisal. People are turning towards spiritualism. At many different places, meditation has been implemented at state level for policemen. Congregation is being organized around Government offices. The series of arrangement of congregation in jails is in continuation since long ago.

The above mentioned incidents reveal that the requirement of rationalism is being deeply felt.

Actually, heartily acceptance of supreme power (GOD) means proceeding towards rationalism. Name doesn’t matter, God, Allah, Waheguru, Yahova etc, accepting one true supreme power means forwarding first step towards rationalism.

If this concept of intellectualness arises in every human being, favorable results would be seen. Disputes would be transformed to discussions. Houses would be transformed from a place of haughtiness quarrels to temples of love. The process of scrimmage and proving others inferior in offices would come to an end and instead the empire of concentration towards goal would be established. Everyone would perform his duty allegiantly. The news of kidnapping, theft, violence, in newspaper would be replaced by such articles or writings which would prove beneficial for reform of standard of living.

In this machine aged 21st century, human being has to decide whether he himself want to be transformed to machine or would prevent his human appearance by controlling machines. In order to prevent his existence of human shape (or appearance), awakening of rationalism in human beings is required.

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