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Uploaded on 1st August, 2012


Spiritual Editorial

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar 'Sewak' Ji

English translation by Rev. Sandeep Ji, Mohali (PB)

Once few disciples of a guru asked that when would they become eligible to preach others? The guru replied, “I will take all of you along with me on my next religion-preaching tour. You are will be observed to find if your learning period is over.”

In accordance to the programme, they all left for the tour. They met with certain devotees place to place, who used to offer some or the other thing to the guru. As a result, the quantity of the offerings increased a lot.

Suddenly the pleasant weather took a U-turn so the guru ordered them to take the offerings to a safe place. The order was followed immediately as they all started to pick the offered material to the safe place one by one.

But one of the disciples didn’t show much concern for the valuables. He swiftly helped the guru to step down the bullock-cart, they were travelling in, and urged to leave the place for a shelter to ensure safety. When the guru asked, why didn’t he helped others to take the valuables to safe place, the disciple replied, “I am sorry to disobey you. You can declare me a failure but I think ensuring your safety was more important than carrying the valuables to a safe place as such materials could be accumulated in future also but we all disciples can’t produce a guru like you again.”

The guru lauded him, declaring, he was the only disciple to become eligible for preaching others, while others were required to take more lessons.

One more such instance is there in history related to Alexander and his master Arastu. Once Alexander was walking along with his guru Arastu when they reached to a piece of land engulfed in water. Alexander was walking behind but immediately he asked his master to stop. He himself crossed first and then allowed his master to cross over. Arastu asked him the reason behind,  Alexander replied that a master like Arastu could produce hundreds of Alexanders but many Alexanders could not produce one Arastu.

Arastu was very happy to hear the answer and blessed his disciple.

The question arises what is the way out to care a Guru? Were all disciples should had left the valuables to gather around their master? No, because my opinion says the disciples who obeyed their guru were right. But the one who least bothered about his failure and served his master, was the best because he was attached with sentiments/notion. It is true that sentiments, ideas, notion get generated first and words later.

A guru comprises of some qualities which separates him from others. No doubt his body consists five elements but he has a unique soul which makes his body a separate entity. The enlightening power of a guru is revealed by his ideas in form of speech. If one pays attention to the preaching of his lord master, it means he is taking care of the guru.

A guru works hard to preach the concept of spiritualism and art of living to his disciples. In accordance to that art of living, one’s mind should be controlled so that it may become capable enough to tolerate the behaviour of an ill-mannered person. Cheating, enmity, hatredness, anger, especially ego should be kept away.

A master can examine or test his disciple at any point of time. He can do so in any form, using anything in the world. A good example is there in regards to the same:

The story pertains to France. Once a bishop was travelling in a bus. While buying ticket, he found that the conductor had mistakenly returned three francs to him. He thought to return those excess francs to the conductor. Second idea came to his mind, to keep those francs in his pocket. Third thought struck, it would be a cheating, while according to the fourth idea, the money should be deposited into church exchequer. The destination was approaching where the bishop had to step down the bus. He stood up and handed over those three francs to the conductor.

Conductor said, “I knowingly handed that excess amount to you. I belong to the same village, where you are rendering your services at the church. My friends used to say that your speech was marvelous so I wanted to test you. Now I have come to know that your speech requires a hearing from my side as well.”

The bishop thanked the almighty for saving him, otherwise he could have made a big loss.

The bishop escaped from an ill-practice but the question arises, where we are standing? Are we representing our lord master by obeying his guidelines? Are we prepared for such opportunities or eventuality?

Dancing, singing are the signs of happiness. Everyone needs happiness and there is nothing wrong in it but spiritualism has some dignity. Sufism directs to control the playful nature of mind, not to fulfill one’s desire. Relation of Amir Khusro and Hazrat Nizamuddin reveals Sufism in real manner. Such deep relations cause Sufism and thus the act of dancing, singing becomes relevant. The innate sense of one’s life certifies whether he/she is following the preaching of the lord master or not.

Where do we stand, let us think.


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