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Uploaded on 25th August, 2012



Has the grain been cooked?

Spiritual Editorial

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar 'Sewak' Ji

English translation by Rev. Sandeep Ji, Mohali (PB)

While cooking, a cook often checks the stuff being cooked after a short interval of time to know whether the grain has been cooked\boiled properly or requires some more time. He proceeds in accordance with the observation.

Once I was watching a newly constructed road. I found the road’s width lesser at some spots. I came to know that people in the area usually parked their vehicles on the road sides. The spots, where the vehicles had been parked, witnessed lesser width.

Actually those were not government vehicles. Practice of parking vehicles on road sides has become a status symbol for the people. So neither they removed their vehicles nor the road was constructed properly.

Who is going to lose? Road construction was the job of the contractor. If the road has a lesser width, the contractor is going to gain a lot as it will save his material, labor etc.

If someone faces inconvenience on an improper road, what I am going to lose? A person with such thinking is considered to be a narrow minded person. But if someone thinks for the interest of masses, he can be termed as a broad minded person. Narrow mindedness has overpowered broadmindedness that is why the road has been constructed in such a way.

It reveals that the grain of cognizance of citizen responsibility has not been cooked completely till yet. For instance if one starts a campaign to abuse or protest against the government, everyone would like to join such campaign but no one likes to give preference to a fact which is in social interest as the concept of self-interest is preferred by all. Who will teach such a general thing to the people?

It is clear that social responsibility is not known by the people. If known, it is not practiced. In such a situation, government can’t carry on smoothly with its development project. It shows that the grain has not been cooked yet.

Recently I went to a vegetable market along with my wife. I found a person requesting to a vegetable vendor to sell onions worth Rs 3. But the vegetable vendor didn’t entertain his request and rudely ordered him to move away. I was thinking about the financial problem that person was confronting. There are people in the world who can manage only with onions and chapattis to meet their hunger need. But the vegetable vendor does not want to sell as he finds less profit in selling onions worth Rs 3.

This is a point to think that even a meagre profit is not enough? More profit can be earned from a wealthier customer. Even a vegetable vendor falls in the category of financially weak section but he is behaving like a capitalist in front of a poor person.

The weaker section, who keeps on blaming and criticizing the capitalists, is themself not humble towards the financially weaker people. It means that the grain of mercy in human beings has not been cooked yet. Everyone leaves the responsibility of good work on God. But God is already doing good to all as he has bestowed the manking with sun, shadows, earth, sky, nature etc. He has never made any thing which harms mankind but when that time will come when man will do good to man. It is clear that the grain of humanity is yet to be cooked.

After elections, a party got more votes than it had expected. Leaders were elated and the party supporters started creating nuisance in the city and forcibly closed the shops.

One of my friend got a call from a journalist that the supporters of the political party were creating nuisance and harming the shops which were found opened. So he advised to shut the shop for the day. My friend was thinking that this was just a glimpse and what was going to happen in the next five years, God knows. I spoke to a learnt man about the issue, who said that the matter needs to be discussed. I thought his dialogue was nothing more than rhetoric.

This is not a solution to the problem. Solution lies only in behavioral surface. Political supporters are quite capable to raise slogans but who will teach them the real social service. Who is going to plant the sapling of true/clear/patriotic intentions in them? This is the real question for which no one has the time to think upon. You will find thousands of people who are ever ready to react\protest against the government. I do not favour a government or a party but I strongly oppose anarchy or chaos.

Readers might be thinking that what topic I am discussing here instead of spiritualism. I just want to say that if spiritualism does not provide a solution to such problems, then such a spiritualism rather being considered of mankind, would be considered of forests, caves and mountains. Our spiritualism is for mankind and the above mentioned three issues are relevant to human life. Friends who think that spiritualism is not capable of addressing such problems, they think that the grain of spiritualism has not been cooked yet.

Actually, the spiritualism which has been raised on the basis of God-knowledge, is capable of providing a solution to every kind of problem. Only such a spiritual message can provide maturity to mankind. It means that only spiritualism would turn the raw grain into a cooked entity and would do good to all. 


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