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From Terrorism To Non-Violence

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak

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Most of problems of a country, society or the world are having their roots in terrorism. Scholars always tell us that,big fishes are known to eat smaller ones and similar situation is now faced by humans all over the world.


We have seen around us that, stronger always exploit the weaker sections. Many times we have seen that withpassage of time the person who is strong today becomes weak and the person who is weak today becomes strong.We then see that a person who was suffering or who was a victim of terrorism becomes an exploiter, a modern dayterrorist. So the fact is that terrorism is not the name of the person or group of person, but it is name of the activity,any act or activity done by a person or group of person to harm or exploit persons or group of persons can benamed as terrorism.


If we aim at stopping or eliminating the exploitation or terrorism then we should aim at stopping the activity andnot stopping the person. Humans should be made to realize or should be educated of the fact that they have gotbirth in human life form which is the most superior life form on this planet and knowing this fact he should neveract in same manner as that of fish or other animals. But there are many sect of people who actually spread wrong orincorrect notion, that people originating from particular caste, particular country or particular religion are enemiesand they should be killed or eliminated. You will serve more by killing or eliminating more people from such sect /country / religion and in case one dies doing so the doors of heaven will open for him. This we all know that this isa wrong message.


It is a saying that in case you convey a wrong message number of times then it appears to be a truth. Since ourchildhood, many of us have been listening to the story of three thieves, one person was bringing a goat and thesethree thieves thought of robbing the same. Thus these three thieves stood in the way of the person pulling the goatat some interval from each other, the first thief told this person that why was he pulling a dog, hearing this theperson tells him that he was pulling a goat and not a dog. After some time the man crosses the 2nd thief who onceagain told him the same thing. Hearing this, the person gave the same reply as he had given to the 1st thief but thisperson started doubting his own statement. He kept on walking and after some time he crosses a third thief whoonce again strongly repeated that why was he carrying a dog. Although the person was seeing goat in front of him,he started to think that all three persons cannot be wrong so he let the goat go thinking that it was dog. Thus truthwas shadowed by false and the thieves succeeded and truth lost. In the same manner a particular country,particular society or particular religion can be proved to be an enemy by repeated false or in-correct propaganda.


Any person in the world understands and knows the fact that if we pluck a leave from a tree than it cannot bejoined once again with the tree, in the same manner if some person has been killed then the killer cannot bring backa dead person to life If the human being cannot give life to dead person then they do not have any right to take lifefrom a living person. It is duty of the Religion to brings the people together and not break them Any religion inany part of the world always unites the people then how can enmity, violence, killing and hatred be basis the religion.


The basis of any religion can only be love, peace and non-violence . We sincerely pray to god for some spoiledchildren of God who are bent upon converting their own brothers to terrorist, that these spoiled children get thecorrect thoughts and they understand and interpret the correct meaning of religion and humanity and then only thelives of millions of humans on this earth will improve.


It is a well known fact that in ends it is a truth which will prevail. Exploitation and Terrorism have never won andwill never win and so the best alternative is live and let live. Terrorism and Exploitation will have to return to nonviolence and peace and that is the truth.