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Spiritual Editorial

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar 'Sewak' Ji

English translation by Rev. Sandeep Ji, Mohali (PB)

We often think about two questions- what could have happened if the things had gone this way and what if not? Then we come up to a conclusion based on our imagination or interpretation. 

Such imagination consumes a lot of time of ours. 


If we find a person gaining success in worldly life, we wish if we were on his place.

We unnecessarily make such imaginations and then resent to God that why it happened so?

Nirankari Baba Ji says a human being while confronting hard days, resent to God that why he was facing such time. But if the person gains or achieve some or the other thing, he never asks why he was the only one to enjoy such time. Then he fails to give the credit to God.

We forget at that point of time that place, time, environment\atmosphere is almost same for everyone. Despite being the same world, same country or city, everyone deals with the situation as per his\her own will\connotation.

Some people keep wating for the favorable conditions, the time keeps on passing they keep on repenting. As the time passes, the life span decreases continuously. On losing youth days, the past appears to be pleasant. A poet says: 

Bande utte budhape di jado nishani aundi e

Uthde-behnde, khande-pinde yaad jawani aundi e 

(When the signs of old age appears, One frequently remembers his youth-days) 


 Another poet has said:

Gujra hua zamana, aata nahi dubara, hafiz khuda tumhara

Youthful days never return but the person who earlier was looking at his future, keeps on thinking about his past in his old age. This story is related to most of them who were not able to achieve what they desired. While being energetic, he was waiting for the conditions to become favourable but now as his senses headed towards decline, he found no option left other than repenting. Now his behavior turns irritant as he resents upon himself but victimizes others. As a result, his family members start taking him for granted and avoid going even nearer to him. He was once a hero but at this age becomes completely zero, lying idle all the time.

If one has been granted with normal life span, he/she has to face the old-age days for sure. If the person really wants himself not to repent in the last days of his life, it becomes mandatory for him to not to waste time thinking on the above mentioned topic “what could have happened if the things had gone this way and what if not?”. Poems can be written based on imaginations, even inventions can be done but life can’t be based on imaginations, because it requires nothing else than reality. So be realistic.

For instance, one is served with a potato dish while his relative has been served with tasty paneer dish. Inspite of attempting to take over his paneer dish, he should consume whatever he has been served with so that at least he can tackle his hunger. Because, attempting a foul play one may lose his own possessions. Saints have written:

Duvidha me dono gaye, maya mili na Ram

(Both, God and worldly possessions are often lost amid confusion)

This is a real sadistic situation so one should deal only with the confronting circumstances.


Many people incluging the founder of Reliance industries, Dheeru Bhai Ambani, faced unfavourable situations but they didn’t lose self-confidence. They thoroughly studied the challenges before them, mull on all the options\alternatives and finally paved their way. Results reveal that the option they chose was a correct one. Thus they were never ever neglected in their lives. As their age passed, their value increased constantly as they had touched the height of success and their experiences gained more values.

We too should pick the same alternative otherwise in our last days, tension would burgeon and we would be a victim of several diseases. A famous quote says:

Ab pachhtaye kya hot, jab chidiya chug gayi khet

Let us be vigilant. Make a list of all those tasks which we have not yet achieved but want to achieve. Glance at that list atleast once in a month so that those can be achieved on by one. In this way, we could lead a happy life even after attaining the old-age. Let us pray to almighty to bestow us with the qualities of self-confidence, capability and pure mind/soul.

We should pray:

Hariye na himmat, bisariye na Ram

(Do not lose self-confidence, don’t neglect God)


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