English Translation by Rev. Pardeep Kumar Ji, of TARAGARH ROAD, DINANAGAR, Distt. GURDASPUR, PUNJAB

Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji
Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji


Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji (Delhi)

There is great importance of mind in human life. It is said about mind that “man ke jeete jeet hai” i.e. one who has won his mind is real winner indeed.

In our daily life we experience power of mind many times. We consider truth, as ordained by mind. We want to listen or see what mind wants to listen or see. Sometimes mind forces us to think other than reality with its power. If two people are talking with each other, our mind creates doubt that they are talking about us. That person may be saying some other thing but viewer will blame him due to doubt of mind. This will present picture of reality in some other way. His reality would be thinking of his mind. This mind made reality may cause disaster. As it is not possible to rectify every mistake, so it is better to have control of reasoning on mind.

Actually reasoning has struggle with mind at every step. When we open eyes in morning mind says-sleep for some more time but reasoning says this is the time for walk and exercise in park. If you do morning walk body will remain free from diseases. Money spent on diseases would be saved. If our reasoning is strong, we move to park thinking of health, giving up love for comfortable sleep. But if mind overcomes reasoning, we sleep again covering face with blanket. This way body becomes house of diseases.

Struggle of mind and reasoning is seen at one another occasion. Different media of communication provide us knowledge, information and entertainment. To be wakeful, one should be equipped with new knowledges and informations. But mind deviates us to entertainment. For development of man, society and country it is necessary that everyone concentrates on informations awakening of problems and dangers and act according to that, but mind wants to mingle in entertainment. It wants to get entertainment from stories of crime. It also has its science. Actually every man has hidden frustrations in his mind, which he hides from whole world. Usually he fails to diminish them. If these desires are satisfied by reading-listening crime news, one sees-reads that only. Frustrations or opposite force of mind persuades man for crime. In this situation a good person moves towards villainy. Here another thing to be highlighted is that mind is also addressed as temple. When mind is like temple then struggle to control it seems awkward. This contradiction makes us restless, therefore reality of the state of mind being temple is need to be comprehended. On judgement we find that temple is a place where God lives. It means that if God dwells in mind then that mind is like a temple. If hate, jealousy,desire, enmity are present in mind, then God cannot be there. Frustrations get strengthened there. For controlling this state of mind struggle is said. This struggle seems easy, when holy congregation is attended. Holy congregation is the only way to controll and stablise the mind. When mind gets mixed in holy congregation, frustration and desires are satisfied. In this state mind is controlled by wisdom and life becomes smooth, easy and balanced.


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