Uploaded on 8th September, 2011

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji

City : Delhi


E-mail : ramkumarsewak@maanavta.com

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English Translation by Rev. Sandeep Nimana Ji of Mohali (Near Chandigarh)


Blessings- Different dimensions 

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji, Delhi

One feels bliss upon keeping palm on own children’s head or other children of their age. Those children also feel happiness and satisfied. Our ancestors too practiced so by keeping their palm upon our head and uttered words like “Jeete raho! Paar ho” etc. Old ladies used to say, “May your children and relatives live long”.

Daughters or other girls not touching feet of elders’ are a part of Hindu culture. That is why no one saw females touching feet of elders 30 years before but now days both sons and daughters seek blessings in the same way.

Daughters touch feet as sons do. Now a day, girls do not lag behind in any field, not even in the field of grabbing blessings. I don’t find any evil in it. There might be a cause or fact hidden behind the culture for the girls not touching feet of elders. One of the reasons I find that there is a tradition in our country for considering girls as Goddess. On the occasion of some festivals, Girls are devoted by people as Goddess. May be that was the reason for not allowing girls to touch feet of elders but being a male or a female is due to body’s naturally appearance, not due to soul whereas spiritual sense is foremost under blessing. According to my thoughts, blessings are not mere words but these are word based good and favorable wishes which converts words into blessings. The words are not necessary. Many old agers are seen who doesn’t utter any word after their feet are touched but their face expression generates good wishes. In this situation, one has grabbed blessings even after the silence.


There is a fact I want to describe which relates 1987. This fact is related to Honorable Nirmal Joshi. He was also a chief editor of Sant Nirankari publications. I was just appointed as a sub editor in his office. He had a strict appearance but was very kind from heart. I liked him and he too liked me. Those were summer days. He came to office on foot in sun. Sweat was oozing out of his body. He came and sat. I thought that he need water. The boy who looked after the duty of serving water was not present in the office. I got up and brought water in a jug for him. I poured water in a glass to serve him. Glow and brightness appeared on his face. He said, “for the act you just performed, blessings automatically have come out of my heart for you”.

For me, such act was easy going and I didn’t carried any selfish aim behind it. I didn’t carry any greed of grabbing blessings in lieu of that. Logic was, as the day was hot so it would be fine to offer him a glass of water. Offering him water really satisfied me and his blessing was a bonus for me.

Until I was married, my parents were always happy and satisfied of every activity I did. I used to get many blessings from them. Some of their blessings were strange. For example, my mother used to say, “Son, may you always write”. Means may I get a job related to writing and not physical hard work. One of their blessing was, “You keep and forget”. Means may I get enough money that I may not remember what amount is kept in which of the pockets.

As a result of those two blessings, I keep on writing. In the Government office, my job is to keep on writing and writing because the seat I have got is very busy. But the remuneration I get is just equal to those employees who write less than me. In this situation sometimes I feel if it was a blessing or something else that I am unable to get rid of that busy seat.

As far as the matter of second blessing is concerned that I should keep and forget, the issue is a bit complicated. Sometimes I try to find a book which has been kept safely by me. I find it after the need is over. My monthly salary is credited in bank account. The amount is already known to me so there is no concept of forgetting it. Thus both of the blessings are being proved fruitful to me in that manner.

Many a times, it also happens that words containing well wishes are gained in the form of blessings but they are proved impactless. Those words are just alike utterance of a sound by a tape recorder. Why those words prove fruitless whereas words uttered by someone else show immediate impact. I feel that the words which were impactless were uttered by such a person who has never ever gained blessings from other. We can compare this issue to our bank account. Depositing cash makes our financial condition strong. We can write a cheque for such amount which is lower or equal to the available balance so that the recipient can cash it. Contrarily, if a cheque amount reflects a amount greater than the available balance, it will bounce for sure and the issuer can get be put behind bars. We can relate blessings to a bank account. The blessings we gain are credited to the account. If we bless anyone according to our capacity, it would surely effect. But if the account of blessings is empty, then the words of blessings would go fruitless. So it is better to do such acts that the others are forced to bless us.

I always feel that we should gain blessings and avoid everyone’s curse. Sometimes performing good and favorable actions may seem as resulting in a curse.

If someone has illegally occupied a piece of land, then forcing him to free is a required task but it is for sure that he (illegal) would curse the one who is forcing him to free that piece of land. In this situation, the person would be double minded, whether to take such action or not? So in this situation, taking action against illegal act would be correct because the other person has already performed an immoral act. So the words of curse or blessing uttered by him would be impactless because his words do not carry the capacity to effect negatively.

The peak of spiritualism is in the feeling of non-doer. In such a condition, our character doesn’t allow to bless others. Instead we keep on praying to almighty Lord Master. If the prayer is in favor of the concerned person, Lord Master most probably accepts it. In this way, prayer is transformed to a blessing.

In this issue, we should focus that right side should be favored and correct decision should be taken. We should not practice immoral acts by terming them right because in such situation nobody would resist the process of our decline so it is necessary for one to correctly understand right and wrong paths.

Finally we have landed to a conclusion that blessing is a power which has a capability to convert impossible into possible, with an established balance.


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