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Uploaded on 13th August, 2012



Always stick to the roots

Spiritual Editorial

Writer : Rev. Ram Kumar 'Sewak' Ji

English translation by Rev. Sandeep Ji, Mohali (PB)

‘Spring’ is the season which brings attraction, beauty and fragrance. This season departs after the festival of ‘holi’. Then the arrival of autumn forces the leaves of all the trees to change colour and quantity of dust in air\environment begins to increase simultaneously. A writer has written:

Patjhar, Sawan, Basant, Bahaar, ek baras ke mausam chaar-mausam char

If we look at the above mentioned lines once again, we would find only three seasons as the writer has not mentioned about ‘monsoon’ in it, despite the fact that rain is an important source of water. Anyways, the writer wanted just the completion of his verse.

A saint has said:

Jis Thakur se nahi chara, tako keejai sadd namaskara

(It is better to bow before a person, you can’t even twist a hair of) Means if you find someone adamant or he refuses to budge from his position\views, then it is better to adjust yourself in accordance with him. For instance, we do not fight or involve ourselves in a scuffle with rain. We simply use umbrellas or raincoats in rain.  Rain would occur if it has to, doesn’t matter if anyone loses his house or shelter due to it.


Even the seasons in human life also keep on changing. Sometimes a person is praised but other time he may be flayed.  Anything can happen in this world. One can gain success but he can also face the failure at any point of time. That’s why Kabeer Dass ji has said:

Maya mahathagini ham jani

The question here is, should we bow before maya like seasons?  One should not bow before swindler but should be careful of them.

Spring and autumn, both are temporary entities who disappear after a limited period of time. So why to worry? Just a little adjustment is required.

A bamboo struggles against high velocity winds so it often gets uprooted. Grass on the other hand, despite being weak, manages to survive because it adjusts itself according to the direction of wind. It depends upon attitude how one deals with a situation.

A saint in a congregation said, “This time will pass.” Another person heard it. Construction work was going on in his house. All of a sudden, a newly constructed wall collapsed. That person felt sad but immediately recalled the wordings of that saint that “this time will pass”. His sadness\woes came up to an end as he accepted this will of God, thinking that the same would be re-constructed.

Everything in this world is change-able. Children are growing young and young ones are heading towards old-age. Being an adolescent, the topics of love, marriage attract our attention but in the old age, same topics appear worthless\meaningless to us. Because with the time, circumstances\ thoughts change constantly. So life is a change.

If one is facing an autumn like situation in life, no need to worry, stick to the roots as sawan (favourable conditions) will approach soon.

Doesn’t matter if one finds tough or easy questions in an exam, deal confidently with the situation. The result will either bring you success or a failure. Thousands would back the success\ winner but no one backs a failure. Even the concept of failure does not enjoy permanence. A person failed today may become an achiever tomorrow. Abraham Lincoln was a person who faced many tough times in his life but he dealt confidently as he was determined. A scientist may not get success in his first attempt. He carries on with his experiments to achieve his goal.

Even I faced hard days in my life. Nirankar (God) was with me at that point of time as well. I never slept hungry. I had cloths to cover my body. Slowly and steadily, that era passed.

Situation keeps on changing. A sailor sets the instruments in accordance with the air in his ship.Thats all one needs to do in order to save the ship from sinking.

While being on a morning walk, I found leaves spread everywhere. A friend of mine said that it was the seasonal activity of the nature as it was spring a few days back, today it may be an autumn and soon monsoon would approach. I replied that it was alright but the trees (or people in general) should stick to the roots because once a plant or a tree gest uprooted, it would die for sure.

Our root is spiritualism because we are a soul. A body is just like a home to the soul.

Always keep the spiritualism in mind and deal with your daily life with determination. In this way no one would be able to scare us because a good play always deserves praises. A good player is always liked, praised and considered as a winner despite he loses or wins the game. A hard work with true spirit never turns fruitless because God is kind to all and he always remains with us. Keeping this truth (God) in mind is spiritualism. We need to stick with spiritualism, we need to stick with the roots.