What is Spiritualism?

Writer : Sister Meenakshi Batra, Abohar, Punjab

What is spiritualism? We have been hearing many definitions of it i.e to believe God and try to pass the life in accordance to Him (God). But today I (Lord Master’s servant) am going to present one more facet of spiritualism which influences me a lot. To narrate this facet, a historical story is required to be described here. Once upon a time a simple and innocent peasant came to the court (Darbar) of Lord Master Guru Gobind Singh Ji and asked to bless him with Sewa (Service). Guru Ji listened and asked, “Do you know firing a gun shot? Horse riding? Bhai Bela replied, “No.” Those days’ wars were often fought against Mughals. Guru Ji again asked, “So you tell yourself, which kind of service you want to provide?” Bhai Bela replied, “I want to serve the horses, if you bless me with this service.” Guru Ji allowed him to service horses. He started the service of horses under which he feed horses, used to bath them and also practiced cleanliness of dung of horses. Due to his dedicated service, horses gained good health within few months. One day Guru Gobind Singh Ji visited stable and saw the horses in very good condition and extreme good health. He called the head of the stable and asked about the person who had done such marvelous job. Stable’s chief replied with the name of Bhai Bela. Guru Ji showed happiness and asked Bhai Bela to tell his name and about his education. Bhai Bela replied that he was illiterate. Guru Ji asked for the arrangement of his literacy so that he can learn simultaneously with his service (Sewa). Everyday Guru Ji started giving a verse to read and Bhai Bela used to revise whole day. One fine day, Guru Ji was ready to go for a war against Mughals. Bhai Bela ran to Guru Ji and asked to grant a verse to be learnt for that day. Guru Ji said:

Wah Bhai Bela na vekhe vela na kuwela”

(Wow Bhai Bela, you neither observe suitable time nor the times of crises)

Bhai Bela Ji thought that Guru Ji might have uttered those words for him to learn so he kept revising those words again and again whole day. All other people or servicemen around, listened and laughed over his practice considering him a fool. In the evening at the time of congregation, those people wise-cracked Guru Ji about the verse which was given to Bhai Bela to learn. Guru Ji replied that no verse was given to revise. Those people told while laughing that Bhai Bela kept on uttering few words “Wah Bhai Bela na vekhe vela na kuwela”. This time Guru Ji laughed and replied that the person whom they were talking about, has crossed the ocean of existence due to that one verse because he took every verse narrated by Him (Guru Ji) as a blessing. After hearing, silence dropped on the spot and everyone was speechless. From that day, Guru Ji’s blessings started reflecting in Bhai Bela’s life. Every day Bhai Bela kept on uttering that verse simultaneously with the service of the horses. Everyone took him as a fool but Guru Ji kept special vision of blessings over him. One day few disciples came to Guru Ji and said, “Guru Ji we want to ask a question. We are serving in your court from the last couple of years but the amount of bliss and bless you keep for Bhai Bela, why doesn’t the same is kept for us. Guru Gobind laughed and replied, “As one can’t be intoxicated just with a gargle of hashish (bhang), in the same way for a true devotion to God, one needs be completely dipped in God and the divine orders. Ego needs to be thrown away in order to reach the destination (God).

The reason for describing above mentioned example was that we often think, after getting God knowledge our life gets itself rid from the cycle of birth and death. We also think that we can achieve bliss by churning our souls. It is all right but after getting connected or attached to God, we need to dedicate ourselves completely in the lotus feet of True Master and also the life should be moulded in accordance to the preaching of Lord Master. Only then we would become deserving to be called a spiritual awakened person.

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