Reasonability is the real identity of Saints

Writer : Sister Minakshi Batra, Abohar, Punjab

We always desire to learn some or the other things in our lives. When a child takes birth, he learns from his parents\ brothers-sisters and other friends about something or other. As he grows up, he learns from his school companions. When he attains the age of earning money (wealth), he stoke himself in it. My purpose behind these words is that a child who was so innocent in his childhood and used to speak sweat, heart touching words, how his behavior has changed so much? He was grasping and learning continuously since childhood to young age but where did he learnt arrogance and hatredness. I often think that we learn eagerly and surrender ourselves as well, then how does this difference takes place.


       I was 19, when I attained God knowledge. This God knowledge changed my life. Keeping all other knowledge aside, I surrendered myself in the feet of Lord Master. After that the concept of reasonability and intellectualism emerged in my mind. Then I felt the need to know what reasonability means? The consciousness of inner soul is reasonability. Here I am going to narrate an example. Few bottles full of water with tightly closed lids are kept in a sea. Is it possible for the water in bottles to get mixed up in sea? No, but if the bottle’s lid is opened, it would become impossible to distinguish between sea water and bottle’s water. In the same manner, when a person comes in contact with Lord Master’s congregation, follows right path and remembers God at every breathe, then his condition becomes as that water of a bottle whose lid is removed away due to blessings of Lord Master and thus he becomes undistinguishable from the formless God.


       This lid can be compared to the misconceptions which get lost only after coming in contact with Lord Master but I also want to say that we are required to surrender ourselves completely in the feet of True Master in order to adopt intellectualism or rationalism. We should understand that we need to become a right path indicator. A lady was distressed due to her daughter-in-law. She often thought to meet True Master (Satguru) to narrate her grievance but the day She reached to meet Lord Master, while waiting she read a board which contained a sentence “Become a solution, not a trouble”.


      Goswami Tulsidas has written ‘bin satsang vivek na hoi’ (without holy congregation, intellectualism can’t be achieved). A glance to those words (Become a solution, not a trouble) lead to awakening of rationalism in that lady and she started weeping. Another lady sitting next to her asked the reason of cry, then she replied ‘Out of Lord Masters treasury, we have picked up the pearls of blessings, even then we are indulged into unnecessary entanglements whereas we were required to make efforts for expansion of that treasury. At the time of attainment of God knowledge by me, I took oath to fulfill all the responsibilities of a true disciple in which the adoption of humbleness and tolerance in our life, was also there. Under that oath, the blendness of self into formless God, was also there but I began to operate my mind in accordance to myself, questioning about the other’s work, how is my daughter-in-law working? Whereas I was required to stoke myself into the furnace of Sewa (Service), Simran (God remembrance) and Satsang (holy congregation) in order to make my mind as of a Saint. But instead of making an end to the problem I helped in expansion to it. Instead of becoming a solution today I reached here to present my problem in the feet of Satguru. Now due to God’s grace, I got awakened today. Now I will try not to become a problem but a solution for everyone. Now the lady was able to throw her misconceptions away and she commenced to prove herself a true disciple of Lord Master. – A Spiritual Website


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