Importance of ornaments of ‘Patience and tolerance’

Writer : Sister Minakshi Batra, Abohar, Punjab


Today I (Lord Master’s servant) am present along with a new topic in the lotus feet of you saints. We often see and know the importance of jewellery for a girl. Today we will discuss about taking care of the ornaments bestowed by Lord Master as mentioned in Sampooran Avtar Bani:

Sabar shanti te samdrishti, sant jana da gehna hai,

Sant jana da vadda jevar bhaane andar rehna hai”

(Patience, peace and vision of equality, are the ornaments of Saints,

To accept God’s will, is the biggest jewellery of Saints)


        I am going to present this gist in your lotus feet in form of a brief story. This story is in regards to a disciple (Gursikh) who had occupied a position of dignity in social life once upon a time. But as he gave prominence to spiritualism, his financial condition became worse but he became wealthier in respect to spiritualism and thus became deserving for True Master’s blessings because he gave importance to patience and contentment in his life. The Great disciple who is being discussed here was ‘Bhai Manjh’ who was a land holder (or land owner) in his village. He was wealthy, had property and was a influential person of the village. Due to extreme blessings of Lord Master, he got a chance to hear divine speech of Guru Arjun Dev Ji. He liked the holy congregation. As his fortune waked up, he requested True Master for God knowledge. Bhai Manjh was blessed with God knowledge and was told that in order to maintain it, patience and tolerance is required. Bhai Manjh replied happily “O Lord, I don’t have proficiency so you have to bless me with patience-tolerance. Please do me favor. Always keep your hands of grace on my head and never place me away from your holy feet. In this way Bhai Manjh was blessed with God knowledge. After some time according to God’s will, the financial condition of Bhai Manjh began to decline. His horses died, his bullocks died, his wealth and other household materials were lost in a burglary. People advised him to leave the track of spiritualism, leave the divine activities, God knowledge, blaming these responsible for his poor condition. But Bhai Manjh replied smilingly that one should accept the God’s will.


      Now Bhai Manjh reached the peak of poverty. He became a debtor. The people who had lend him money gave him two options, either to return the loan or leave the village. Bhai Manjh’s faith was firm. He left the village along with his daughter, wife and made his shelter out of the village. As he was not a skilled person, so he started the business of cutting and selling grass. In this manner few days passed. One day Guru Ji handled a letter to one of his disciples and asked to handle it to Bhai Manjh. This letter stated a demand of Rs. 20 by Guru Ji. Bhai Manjh collected all the jewellery of his house. Also collected all of the ornaments worn by her wife and sold it to a jeweller for Rs. 20 and thus handled those rupees to that disciple in lieu of the letter. Bhai Manjh was so happy to get the letter that sometimes he touched it to his forehead, sometimes kissed it, sometimes touched it to his chest and sometimes touched it to his eyes thanking Lord Master that he was given such a chance for service.


       In this condition two years passed. Once again Guru Ji sent his disciple with a letter to Bhai Manjh. The letter stated a demand of Rs. 25. Which Gursikh has such tolerance and patience in such condition, to say that he is just arranging 25rs in a short period of time whereas he didn’t had even a single rupee to pay. The condition was such that there was no chance to arrange money in any way. When Bhai Manjh was a wealthy person, a prominent person of village had presented a proposal for marrying Bhai Manjh’s daughter to his son. But at that time, Bhai Manjh had replied that the match was not perfect according to his dignity. Today Bhai Manjh sent his wife to confirm that if he is ready to marry his son to his daughter. Simultaneously he stipulated his demand of 25rs. When that prominent person came to know about it, he happily gave 25rs and in this way Bhai Manjh provided 25rs to the disciple in lieu of the letter sent by Lord Master. Here this point needs a thought over it that under such condition a general person could have thought about the humiliation in society upon demanding money from the family of in-laws. But Bhai Manjh was such intoxicated in the devotion of God that he didn’t cared of humiliation and prestige. He received Guru Ji’s written letter, showed his love and respect for it as earlier and felt very much happy.


       But Guru Ji had one more ordeal to take. He sent one of his disciples to Bhai Manjh to inform him to come in the Lord Master’s court (Darbar). Bhai Manjh came to Guru Ji’s court along with his family. He started working for langarwhere he used to wash the utensils, brought wood as fuel. He made it his routine work. After some days, Guru Ji asked the people of congregation that where does Bhai Manjh feed himself. People replied that he meet his food requirements from langar. Guru Ji said that this is remuneration, not a service (sewa). Bhai Manjh’s wife listened and informed the same to him. He replied that he would find another way. Now every night, Bhai Manjh used to go to forests to bring wood to sell it to market for daily requirement of food. Rest of the time he along with his family used to provide service to the Lord Master’s court. What a hard ordeal was it, when I heard this story, I couldn’t resist tears in my eyes. What a blessed soul was he, who gave priority to the Master’s orders under the layer of patience and tolerance. One day Bhai Manjh went to the forest to bring woods but in the mean time storm broke out. As the storm was so hard, it became difficult for him to walk but he tried continuously to step forward. Just after sometime a stoke of storm threw him along with wood in a deep well. Satguru is omnipresent. Guru Ji immediately ran towards the spot without shoes and ordered to bring a rope along with a wooden plank. Whole congregation was surprised due to ignorance. Guru Ji reached the spot. One of the disciples asked for the wooden plank to be thrown in well and Bhai Manjh was asked to hold it to come out of the well. Bhai Manjh replied that first of all the woods needs to be pulled out, only then he would come out. That disciple again asked him to see what had happened to him and inspite of uttering ‘Guru-Guru’, leave the Guru and come out. Bhai Manjh replied to not to use such words against Guru as it gives more pain to his heart. First of all the woods should be pulled out because if the woods becomes wet, it would be impossible to burn them for langar. Same happened as the wooden beams were pulled up and after that he came out. This is called the acceptance of God’s will and adoption of patience and tolerance. When he came out, Guru Ji said in great compassion, “Whatever you want, just demand it. Today I am very happy. I can bestow the whole world as your empire to rule”. But Bhai Manjh replied with folded hands, “O my Lord, I need you only. If I get you, all of such things can be achieved automatically but I need nothing except you. Guru Ji embraced him and blessed him that whom so ever, he (Bhai Manjh) provide the God knowledge, the person would successfully cross the ocean of existence. This is the result of patience and tolerance. But I often think that it is very difficult to successfully pass out the ordeal. I pray Lord Master to not to take test. Whenever we demand from Lord Master (Satguru), we should demand the jewellery of patience and tolerance and we pray “O Lord Master, keep us blessed always with such ornaments of patience and tolerance so that we keep thanking God under every situation.

Original article in Punjabi language.

English translation by Rev. Sandeep Nimana Ji of Mohali, Punjab

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