God is the only truth

Writer : Sister  Meenakshi Batra, Abohar, Punjab

I am present in your lotus feet with a deep topic in regards to which, many Saints and learnt persons have expressed their views. They all have expressed whether God is truth or He doesn’t exist at all. In my childhood I often thought regarding God that if He is omnipresent, why doesn’t he interact with me? Whenever I am annoyed, why doesn’t he calm me down? Why doesn’t he prohibit me performing inappropriate deeds? After attaining 18 years of age, I was blessed with this precious God knowledge due to the efforts of one of my friends. After attaining God knowledge, I began to feel the presence of almighty everywhere, in every particle. Due to the extreme blessings of almighty, I got the blessings of Lord Master and holy congregation as well. It is 11 years now that I am blessed with this truth. During this period I also faced hard times which I narrated to omnipotent God and enjoyed the both, bless and bliss. But as there is a tradition in this world, that in regards to formless God people start giving their own views that praise of God is nothing more than few words. Same happened to me when one of my friends didn’t agree about the existence of God. She simply said, “I don’t agree until and unless I myself see and feel it.” I prayed, “O Lord Master, as you have blessed many souls in your lotus feet, bless her with such faith and grace.

Lord Master blessed us as one fine day I along with my friend, were walking towards the market to buy vegetables. On the way we started our discussion in which I said, “Whenever a new fruit arrives in market, I try to present it to holy congregation.” She laughed after listening to me and said, “How is it possible? Suppose you buy some berry (jujube’s fruit). Then wouldn’t you eat? Would your ‘Satguru’ come in physicality over here by understanding your wishes? I replied, “I can pray to Lord Master that first of all I wish to present these berries in the service of holy congregation (satsang), and then Satguru’s grace can be observed.” After praying, we were coming back to home on foot. I heard a vehicle blowing horn again and again. I thought that I am walking left side, moreover the road is also not crowded so why the horn is being blowed? I turned back and felt unlimited happiness to see some ladies who were related to holy congregation. They all met me happily and my friend was standing there, looking surprisingly and thinking that it is really true that they all belong to a omnipresent and omnipotent Lord Master who fulfill all wishes of the saints in no time. I presented the berries before those saints and the joy I felt can’t be narrated in words but a fact I observed very clearly that God is the only truth. His presence is there in every particle of the universe. He knows our wishes, our desires. What all is required to feel, accept His existence, follow whatever He preaches and by observing Him everywhere if we are connected to Him uninterruptedly through prayer (Simran) then He would surely grant us with the happiness and satisfaction.


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