Writer : Sister Meenakshi Batra, Abohar, Punjab

Blessing is such a gift which is prevalent since thousands of years in the form of a tradition. Many a times I have seen this word ‘blessing’ being used. During my childhood, I used to work hard in the field of studies and household works because my aim was to score best so that I can hear the utterance of blessings from my mother which are still under existence. But I never thought till today that I am working only in lieu of blessings or to impress my mother. Today I am observing those blessings in real life. My mother often said “Lord Master bless you with good marks, be a learnt and a virtuous person.” Now I have studied more than I had thought. I also think that I am the most fortunate person of the world because the boon, the bliss for which human beings run after! I got at very young age. Lord Master’s blessings and grace is felt by me at every situation and in every condition. The above discussion pertains to family.

Apart from it, I am going to describe an amazing incident after whose happening I realized for the first time that blessing not only make family relations sweet but also makes us to realize the right path. Once I was going to market along with my mother. In those summery days, electricity failures were often taking place so suffering extreme hot day was really challenging. While walking towards the market, we were talking about electricity issues. Suddenly an old woman, equalent to my grandmother’s age, called me. Actually she was familiar to my mother. She uttered,”If you are going to market, kindly do send a electricity mechanic”. My mother asked surprisingly the reason for her uneasiness as they had inverter in their house. She replied that the condition of her and her husband was not good as he was ill and the summery hot day had increased their uneasiness as the inverter was not working properly. Upon my question regarding the inverter’s problem, she replied that during cleanness process her maid had poured water over the floor which caused sparking in inverter’s wire. Thus this was the reason of their problem. After hearing it, I prayed to Lord Master that I want to help this old couple so bless me that I may be able to help them. I reached the room where the inverter was placed. I have little bit of knowledge in regards to electricity appliances. I was willing to help them. After checking it I found that the inverter’s wire was completely damaged due to sparking. I cleared it out and after rejoining the wire, I prayed to True Master, ”It is up to you whatever you want”. As the wire was joined, electricity supply was re-started and all electricity appliances began to work as before. That old lady uttered so much of blessfull words that I can’t narrate. I realized it for the first time that selfless service of anyone is a true blessing and may we learn to value it. The old lady again uttered, “I think that you came only for our service to fix this problem. I pray you keep on grabbing the blessings in your whole life.”



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