Editorial & Composing Team

Spiritual Articles, Poems and Bhakti Geet received from Writers/poets are read by our editorial team and then gets finalized for publishing.

  1. Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji (Chief Editor)(H)
  2. Mr. Gurdeep Singh (Admin)
  3. Mr. Gyan Sonar (Delhi) (Asstt. Admin) (H)
  4. Ms. Minakshi Batra (Abohar, Punjab) (Asstt. Admin)(H)
  5. Mr. Harsewak Singh (Amritsar, Punjab) (Promoter & Writer)(H)
  6. Mr. Sandeep (English Translation and Composing)(H)
  7. Mr. Gursewak Singh (Amritsar, Punjab)(Promoter)(H)
  8. Mr. Vishal Jeet Singh (Doha Qatar) (Promoter)(H)
  9. Mr. Bhupinder Sethi (Delhi) (Promoter)(H)
  10. Mr. K.S. Randhawa (Ludhiana, Punjab) (Promoter)(H)
  11. Ms. Mamta Kumari Ji (Promoter)(H)
  12. Mr. Mandeep Singh Pannu (Tarn Taran)(Promoter)(H) and

Many more who do not want to share their names.

Composing Team

  • Brother Sandeep (Sandy) Ji of Mohali, Punjab
  • Brother Yash Ji (Delhi)
  • Sister Garima Ji (Delhi)
  • Sister Minakshi Batra Ji (Abohar, Punjab)
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    Tarlochan Singh Dhillon (Friday, 29 January 2016 18:49)

    The Power of Simran


  • #3

    Ashok K. Sinha (Monday, 10 August 2015 02:56)

    Dear Sirs/Madams,

    I belong to Hazaribagh district (Village: Kadma) in Jharkhand, and have been living in USA for last 50 yeas. I was extremely delighted to come across your (and other related) website(s). It has been my life-mission to follow and propagate, through literary creation and activities, to serve Bharat, Hindi, and Sanaatan Dharm in my small way (Please see my website mentioned above.) In this connection, I now request you the following:
    (1) Kindly include me in your Editorial Group to perform services aligned to your literary and spiritual projects, among other things. I have been serving as the Editor of the "Hindu Vishwa" magazine published here Quarterly for last 15 years, and have written a number of books on Hinduism and other religions.
    (2) Kindly include in your list of books also a book -- a Hindi Verse Translation of the BhagvadGeeta -- I had published from here (Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America -VHPA), printed in March 2000, by
    Computers and Printers
    46-A Shastri Colony
    Ambala Chhawani-133001 (India),
    (I plan to write to the above Printers also about this, and possibly to print more copies for distribution in India.)
    Since this book is in Hindi verse (some verses in 'Chaupai' Chhand), all the shlokas (translated as Hindi verses) can also be sung; and it would be most wonderful to have the whole of this Hindi verse Geeta sung by a group of musicians and singers, for 'prachar & prasar' of this most revered scientific/spiritual scripture.
    Thank you and Best Regards,
    Yours Humbly,
    Ashok K. Sinha
    1375 Civic Center Drive (Apt. 1)
    Santa Clara, California 95050 (USA).
    Tel.: 001-408-610-9832

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    desh raj (Saturday, 14 March 2015 21:54)

    congratulation for spreading manavta. i like to be a insan only.and want to spreading massage of insaniyat. if we try to become an insan than no need to become hindu muslim sikh isai etc.

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    pravin (Friday, 14 March 2014 00:58)

    pyaar me safalta lane kliye kya kiya jaye