Editorial & Composing Team

Spiritual Articles, Poems and Bhakti Geet received from Writers/poets are read by our editorial team and then gets finalized for publishing.

  1. Rev. Ram Kumar Sewak Ji (Chief Editor)(H)
  2. Mr. Gurdeep Singh (Admin)
  3. Mr. Gyan Sonar (Seychelles) (Asstt. Admin) (H)
  4. Ms. Minakshi Batra (Abohar, Punjab) (Asstt. Admin)(H)
  5. Mr. Harsewak Singh (Amritsar, Punjab) (Promoter & Writer)(H)
  6. Mr. Sandeep (English Translation and Composing)(H)
  7. Mr. Gursewak Singh (Amritsar, Punjab)(Promoter)(H)
  8. Mr. Vishal Jeet Singh (Turkey) (Promoter)(H)
  9. Mr. K.S. Randhawa (Ludhiana, Punjab) (Promoter)(H) and

Many more who do not want to share their names.

Composing Team

  • Brother Sandeep (Sandy) Ji of Mohali, Punjab
  • Sister Garima Ji (Delhi)
  • Sister Minakshi Batra Ji (Abohar, Punjab)