Rev. Anindita Das Ji


Rev. Anindita Das, Siliguri, West Bengal


Under the spell of ego Surrender own self to someone though hard but the reward that can be received in return is the most valuable one. A life with ego is a heavy weighted load in this world. According to spirituality human life is like a boat sailing in the ocean of Maya that may sink at any time. Ego of anything serves as a hole that allows the poisonous water to get inside and finally sinks it. Complete surrender of one’s own self causes the death of ego that means the “I”. And the death or abolition of ego can be possible only by the grace of the true master of time. If the true master is known or the divine knowledge is disclosed then there shouldn’t be any kind of doubt. As we are not the owner of anything (body, wealth and mind) in the true sense of the term then where is the place of “I”? The true master of the time, by enlighten the human being is teaching how to get rid of this “I”. How to be happy or how to lead a life only with the word “YOU” in this egoistic world? The law of living (give and take) that is prevailing in the world can also be applied in this case. To get the life time subscription of being connected with the supreme power that is Nirankar we have to surrender ourselves first. Because saints say that only a fully surrendered soul is the living place of GOD and such a life is bliss itself, as the True Master says: “When a person makes his mind the dwelling of God, he is all bliss”.

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Nice Article.


Nice Article.

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