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This website is created to promote spirituality through spiritual literature. In spirituality one knows itself and the source. Spirituality is nothing but study of soul and when we study our soul then we need to know the source which is supreme soul (Nirankar- Formless Lord). One can know Nirankar the Formless lord by the grace of True Master (Satguru) only.

God-knowledge (Brahm Gyan) is the seed of God-realization.

God-knowledge is the seed of God-realization.

Unless we sow a seed, there can neither be a plant nor flower nor fruit. God-knowledge is the seed which sprouts into the plant of love, blooms into the tree of faith and bears the coveted fruit of Salvation.

After sowing a seed, we have to nurture it. When it grows into a plant, we set up a fence around it so that it is not damaged or destroyed. Similarly, there is a need to tend the seed of God-knowledge by association with the saints, God-consciousness and the spirit of selfless service. In this way the seed of God-knowledge can bloom into a sprawling fruitful tree.

God-knowledge is a seed which has to be nurtured by faith in God, manured by God-devotion and watered by God-glorification.

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